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Software Services

DCIL has the capability, expertise and experience to provide high class software services. Technically strong teams comprised of well qualified and experienced individuals. Constantly improving processes of engineering – development tools, testing methodologies build and release processes. Ability to look into the future of customer scenarios; technology trends and growth. IP protection – Protecting clients intellectual property. Communication – Ensuring at least 3 hours of common communication during every single day of the project. Quality – Meeting customers requirements and much more. Internal programs enabling our team to learn continuously. Usage of Best Engineering process such as RUP and Agile Processing, Intermittent builds and releases etc.

“DCIL Highway Management:”

Your one-stop solution for all transportation and highway asset management services. We specialize in Transportation asset management – starting from data collection, asset identification, distress identifications and reporting the same as per regulatory standards. DCIL bundles its solution with spatial databases (Geographical Information Systems) for its clients across the world. We continue to provide innovative solutions in this field.


“3D Technology”

DCIL along with its partner ZUNA Innovation brings Autosteroscopic Technology for mass media display and printing. The specialty of this technology is to view objects with full color & depth perception without the need of any special glasses. DCIL provides services in the field of animation & VFX using latest graphical packages.


“GIS Services”

Our GIS domain expertise include Corridor mapping of linear features like Water & Sewer networks, Gas distribution networks, Electric networks, Cross country pipeline, Irrigation networks, Transportation networks. Solutions for this domain vary from parcel and Land Use Mapping, Townships and Industrial Layouts, Digital Terrain Modeling and Satellite Image Processing, Image Geo rectification/referencing. Services for Geo-rectification and Conversion of satellite imageries and map are provided using various GIS software packages such as Bentley, Autodesk, Arc GIS, MapInfo and other leading GIS Software.

“GIS Field Survey”

Remote sensing only gives you an overall picture of the boundary, but to know the habitat, location of utility points, attributes, pavement distress etc field survey is required. More so field survey would be required to the accuracy of sub-meter accuracy using accurate instruments such as DGPS (Differential GPS).


“Map Digitization & Conversion”

Before any geographic image / map can be used in a GIS system, it must be converted into a compatible digital / vector format known as vectorization. The process of making maps/ map digitizing with GIS is much more flexible than traditional cartography. DCIL has digitization experts, who at first, georeference the image to be digitized and then converts it to vector format, ie., raster to vector conversion.


“Processes and Quality”

“DCIL derives its strong maturity in execution through its focus on maintaining the highest quality standards across the organization in all its activities.”

DCIL has a developed an In-house Quality management system which is on par with ISO 9001:2000 & CMMI standards. We have a formal quality program and it’s in the process of getting appropriate certifications for which we have a clearly defined road map. Our quality system is derived from adopting the best and pragmatic practices, established models and methodologies in the industry. This has enabled us an uncompromising approach to ensuring excellence in quality.